Illustrator and Concept Artist, 3D Graphics Modeling and Animation Enthusiast, Game Design and Development Dabbler.

I am Peter Rimkunas, and I approve this message.

My passions include, but are not limited to, worldbuilding, environment design, character design, procedural generation, and project development. I like to make the microscopic macroscopic and the macroscopic microscopic in order to push our perceptions of the universe and our own imaginations. I want to make dreams and magic reality through the mediums of drawing, painting, 3D modeling, animation, and games by exploring the extremes of where man, machine, nature and the unknown intersect. My wish is to inspire others to go even further.

Peter Rimkunas - Abstract Animations and Game Concept Animations

from Peter Rimkunas on Vimeo.

These are a collection of the various animations and concepts I've worked on over the last few years.
All were animated in the Blender 3D Suite with textures painted in Photoshop.











Ramblings and project updates.
Well this is a fine Howdy-dooo! Spacecar, HAMMBall, and the Return To Project GOA

Well this is a fine Howdy-dooo! Spacecar, HAMMBall, and…

Why do I even keep this blag around if I never update it, huh? So this has been a long…
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Project GOA – Part 2: My Background

Project GOA – Part 2: My Background

Well, a few more weeks have passed, WAYYY too many since I’ve done a Slenderman page (hooking up my cintiq…
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Introducing Project GOA – Part 1: This Is Not A Pitch

Introducing Project GOA – Part 1: This Is Not…

The Summer Solstice has passed, my relaxation/recovery time from Graduation No. 3 has run out. It’s time to begin talking…
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