I am an Illustrator, Concept Artist, and CG Enthusiast.

I love to wear hats.

I grew up on Calvin and Hobbes, Arthur, and Pajama Sam. I was raised by two elementary school teachers: Mom teaches Art and Dad teaches Music. Bill Nye taught me everything I needed to know about science until High School, and now I learn everything else from Carl Sagan. My Dad has always said that he believes Art has the potential to change the world.

Over the last few years I noticed that I have three overarching passions that cycle through each other on a whimsical wheel of doom: Storytelling, Visual Arts, and Dynamic Systems. Between these are the major subjects that fascinate me: Game Design, Concept Art, Comics, Illustration, Animation, Movies, and back to Game Design again. I’ve delved into every color on this spectrum of media, and have explored many of the essential secondary colors.

Peter Rimkunas is an Illustrator and Concept Artist with 10+ years personal and working experience with CG programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Cinema 4D, and Maya. He works in whatever medium he feels is best for the current project, often mixing traditional with digital. He carries a degree in New Media from the University of Maine (2011) and a degree in Illustration from Maine College of Art (2013).

For the last ten years he has worked with a small indie team of programmers and designers on several computer game prototypes as the lead artist and asset creator. This has included 2D and 3D modeling and animation, rigging, texturing, and scripting, as well as game projects built in the Unity 3D Engine, BGE, and Ogre. Freelance work has included illustrations for Maine Magazine, IOS app logo design for Listen Up Games, 3D avatars and clothing for Totsipop!, and concept art for Pocketwatch Games.

He is always working on something in his free time and his professional practice does not end after work. He writes stories, draws comics, and designs games with almost every waking hour. He never settles in a medium, style, or approach, and is always looking for more ways in which to grow. Taking pride in being able to speak in the languages of programmer, artist and manager, he believes this kind of holistic view is vital to being able to tackle the wide array of projects he sees himself taking on until the end of time.