Slender Man Comic: Chapter 3 Page 28

GUESS WHAT. Yes, that’s what. After an incredible senior year at Maine College of Art, and a short break after school ended, SLENDERMAN IS BACK. (Finally.)

So you know what this means? FAR LESS UNANNOUNCED, YEAR-LONG INTERRUPTIONS. I’m gonna finish this goddamn comic if it KILLS me. Well, maybe not gonna go that far…but now I can actually set aside time every week to work on it without homework or Thesis getting in the way. It feels good to start this up again.

Anyway, with another year comes another change in art direction. Due to some shifting interests of mine, I’ve gone back to painting the comic rather than flat-shading. I’ve learned a lot in the last year. I am so much faster at this than I used to be, and I understand so much more about light, color and shade. The bookshelf in the first chapter, page 4 I think, took me hours to do just because I fretted too much about the colors, working myself into corners. The big pile of flammable stuff at the bottom of this page? Only about an hour, pfft! No sweat!

In addition to Slenderman, I have a handfull of other things going on that I’ll talk about on my primary blog if my readers feel so inclined. I’ll be making a post every few weeks about this project I’m working on – including a sweet redesign of my portfolio site.

So with that said, I just want to apologize, once again, for all the delays of the past. I also want to thank everyone for being so patient with this. School really took all my arting out of me, and now that is over.

Stay slender, my friends!