“Sir Nettleton Brushbottom,”

“Hamster Knight of the Rodent Realm, Administrary Secretary to the Transportation Commission Advisory Council, and Retired HAMMBall Pilot has been incarcerated for crimes against the Rodentiary Empire….”

HAMMBall was a project I started in 2014 with the intention of making a prototype for a game in the Unity 3D Engine. I was originally inspired to come up with the game upon a drunken visit to the Arcadia National Bar that had recently opened in Portland. I was enjoying my first time with a pinball machine when I looked across the wall of games and thought “Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if I could play one game across all these machines at the same time?” which then led to “…what if they kept on generating new pinball machine ‘stuff’ as I kept on going?” and I finally realized I had come up with a kind of a roguelike. A pinball machine roguelike.

Eventually I began playing around with the idea of the game world not only being a pinball machine, but an actual universe. And the ball not just being a ball, but an actual character. My girlfriends’ hamster had been a big part of our lives, so I figured I’d immortalize him in the game – as a hamster in a hamster ball inside a pinball machine roguelike wrecking ball game.

Click the image above to Play The Game in your web browser.

Also, here’s some of the select design pages for the game: